Pécsi Gábor és Amanda Smeth

Hungary, Hollád
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Personal impressions:

I met Gábor years ago when he still had been living in Érd, in a huge one family house.
There stood a furnace in the garden and I found such solutions for indoor constructions that can not be seen anywhere else... ideas of his materialized by his own hands.
For others this would have been enough for life but Gábor wished for something else... smaller house, land more livable, natural environment, calm and peace around him.
He found all this in the fall of 2016 in Hollád after he met Amanda at a vegan event and joining together they created the Eco-Vegan Country Community. Gábor bought a well conditioned rustic house with a big garden in the village, and 2,5 hectare land with Amanda close to her on Bari hill (just outside the village Hollád).
In the summer of 2017 the  Eco-Vegan Country Community organized a few gatherings in Hollád.
I attended one of this get-together where I met new people: we learned about the place, marveled the renovated room, took pleasure in the still forming garden, abundant vegetation in the yard and the surrounding lands of Bari hill.

More information of Amanda and Gábor can be read in the following blog page :


Created: 27 March 2018

Updated: 5 April 2018